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Effective Counsel for Drunk Driving and Driving Offenses


You have been arrested for OUI: what do you do now?  The ordeal itself was harrowing enough.  Often, your pulled-over, not treated nicely, asked to exit the vehicle, end up performing field sobriety tests along side a busy road with cars passing by within a few feet, lights in your face with an armed officer/trooper  barking commends to perform tests that many people can't do, stone cold sober.


What do you next?  You need to know your rights and how to defend your case.  Why were you pulled over?  Did the officer or trooper have reasonable suspicion of a crime or vehicle violation?  What gave the officer/trooper authority to have you exit the vehicle?  Were the test fair? (can you count the alphabet backwards?  Can you count backwards from 100 skipping every other number?  Can you perform a one-legged stand after having an operation?  On and On.  When you  were arrested and taken to the station/barracks, was there a video?  Were you able to walk properly?  Talk properly?   On and On.

When you need professional help to avoid expensive fines and serious penalties, including incarceration, for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol,  Contact the Law Office of Timothy Ciaffoni.


Click here, to learn about Massachusetts Laws on "OUI."


Discuss your situation, and seek legal representation immediately from a local attorney operating in a court where you are charged.

Know your rights!

  • Was your stop legal?

  • Is there a technical reason to avoid prosecution?

  • Did you take the breathalyzer?

  • Did you take a blood test?

  • Were the field sobriety test fair and accurate?

  • Are there witnesses?

  • Arrange for a FREE consultation now!

Benefits of our legal services

  • Confidentiality guaranteed

  • 20 years of legal experience




Get a FREE consultation to discuss your options and know your rights.

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