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Attorney Timothy Ciaffoni has over 20 years experience in divorce law. Call for an appointment and learn your rights!

Your divorce can be less taxing if you and your spouse can agree on terms to end the marriage; however,  not all divorces are amicable. So whether your divorce is amicable or not; easy or hard, short or long you need to know what your rights are, and what exposures you may be subject to.   Attorney Ciaffoni is a professional with experience who can, first, explain your rights and any exposure to liability. If the divorce cannot be resolved amicably, then ultimately it will go to trial, and Attorney Ciaffoni has over 20 years experience in this field.


Click here, to learn  basic divorce trial information such as: What Evidence You Can Use if your divorce goes to trial?


Contact the Law Office of Timothy Ciaffoni, a locally owned and operated firm, where the attorney is always available for clients.

Grounds for Divorce

in Massachusetts

  • Adultery

  • Annulment

  • Desertion

  • Drug and alcohol use

  • Cruel and abusive

  • Neglect

  • Irretrievable breakdown

  • No Fault

Divorce Topics

  • Real Property and personal property asset division are addressed

  • Taxes and financial support are addressed

  • Health care and insurance

  • Child education, child support, and visitation

  • Alimony

  • Retirement accounts

  • QDRO's

  • Merger or survival of the Agreement

  • Divorce or what is called in Massachusetts "Separation Agreement"

  • Debt of the parties

  • Miscellaneous topics




Your concern is important to Attorney Timothy Ciaffoni. He answers all calls or inquiries within 24 hours or sooner!


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9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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