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Conservatorship or Guardianship, learn the basics

Many times, a  guardian or conservator is needed because a sudden situation arises; a relative falls ill; bill are not being paid; proper care is not being provided; non-relatives/neighbors/acquaintances are suspected of possible abuse, so what do you do?


First is having some basic knowledge or your options.  A Conservatorship or a Guardianship is usually a process to assist a child or elderly relative in need. A Guardian makes most heath care decisions associated with an individual who is not competent to make their own decisions. A Conservator is responsible for taking care of the monetary or money matters of the protected person.

In either a conservatorship or guardianship the appointed person steps into the "shoes" of the person in need, so to speak, and is responsible for making the day to day decisions of the protected person.  As a guardian, you may have to make decisions of what medical care the protected person may receive, the living quarters of the protected person, sign papers, answer questions, give authorization and so forth.  A conservator often has a higher duty, a fiduciary duty to oversee, safeguard and be responsible for the funds and financial activity of the protected person. This can include setting up bank accounts, paying bills, selling property, investing funds and other related financial needs.

Being or filing for a guardianship or conservatorship can be vexing process, and the Law Office of Timothy Ciaffoni can prepare the paper work and file on your behalf.

Additionally, Attorney Ciaffoni is often available to accept appointments to act in the capacity of guardian or conservator and is currently accept new appointments. Our office is well acquainted with the rules and regulations of the MUPC and has a host of support personal available for unique, complicated or sensitive situations including bookkeeping personal, CPA’s, independent clinicians, and elder or nursing advocates.





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If you answered these questions in the afirmative then a conservator and/or a guardian maybe appropriate.


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Here, at the Law Office of Attorney Ciaffoni we provide a competent legal team that can help in deciding whether a Guardianship is right for you, and all your estate planning needs. Click here, to schedule a meetingwith Attorney Ciaffoni, for a FREE consultation.


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