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Rebuild Your Finances Through Bankruptcy

It's often called "starting with a clean slate"  When debt is overwhelming; when the calls from collection agencies won't stop, when you have a 500 credit score: it's time to consider consumer bankruptcy. 
Although it’s sometimes a bitter pill to swallow, bankruptcy can offer immediate relief, by stopping the harassing phone calls, and possible further permanent debt relief.

Although it will affect your credit rating for several years; don't forget, your current credit rating is being adversely affected to the same or sometimes to a worse extent.

Each situation is different, but If you’re facing personal or professional financial problems, contact the Law Office of Timothy Ciaffoni. 

We can stop the harassment by lenders, creditors, and collection agencies, immediately.


We can then evaluate the situation; and advise on how to proceed. You may even be able to negotiate with creditors and forego bankruptcy. Reduce your stress and start rebuilding your finances today!

Bankruptcy fees start with as little as $1,800 plus filing fees.  Call now or write below to set up a no charge appointment. 


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